About fan club plans

What is the difference between each plan of fan club members?

For fan club member plans, please see "Details of plan".

How to pay for the plan

The payment method is
① Credit card
② PayPal
Only available.

If you cannot purchase the plan or the settlement fails

If you cannot purchase the monthly plan or the settlement fails, you may be able to solve it by contacting each credit card company (each bank) or switching to PayPal payment. PayPal registration page Once canceled, you will need to repurchase the plan.

About the payment cycle of the plan

The payment cycle for the plan is one month after registration.
Example: Purchase plan on July 10 → Automatic renewal (payment) on August 10.
You can check the update date in "Subscribe Plan" of My Plan.

About cancellation of plan

If you want to cancel a plan you have already subscribed to
To "My plan"
② Select the plan you want to cancel from the plans you have already subscribed to
③ Select "Cancel subscribed plan"
④ If you select "Yes" in the final confirmation, the cancellation will be completed.

About the expiration date after cancellation

The canceled plan will be put on hold and the plan will be valid until the expiration date.
It will be canceled on the expiration date and you will not be charged for the next time.
If you cancel by mistake, you will be repurchased.
In case of repurchase, we recommend purchasing after the expiration date.